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Voting Dilemma

For many Christians in the U.S., the upcoming November election presents a major dilemma. Like myself, many are against the war in Iraq, abortion, fetus stem cell research, marriage for anyone other than a man and woman (though not necessarily against a civil union for legal protections), and so on. Unfortunately, our choice of candidates do not give us one individual who fills all of our needs. And this is causing a major dilemma for us.

I've never shared this with anyone publicly before; but, during President Bush's public speech announcing that we were going to war and why, the Lord was telling me over and over, "He's lying." To this day, I don't know why God told me this. I know that it wouldn't have done any good for me to tell others about it. We would still be in this war. I do know, however, that we should never have gone into this war. As a very patriotic veteran, myself, it disheartened me to know what Bush was doing and could do nothing about it. And as much as I like and respect John McCain as a senator, I do not feel he will make a good president and strongly believe he will keep the Iraq was going long beyond what it should. Unfortunately, Barak Obama supports abortion, fetus stem cell research, and so on.

I was discussing this with a friend one day a couple of weeks ago. She said she didn't care, she wasn't voting for someone who supports abortion. After she had left, I asked Jesus in prayer in the Adoration chapel about my dilemma. I knew from Him telling me that my president was lying that we had to do something to stop this war, but I don't like supporting someone who is for abortion and other issues I'm so against.

The next person who takes over when I leave Adoration and is a friend arrived. I had printed a copy of the "For the Love of a Child" that Jesus had written (it's under articles on this site). After my friend had read it, she quietly told me a story about how her granddaughter had gotten pregnant at 16. Her parents wanted her to make an informed decision; so, they took her to the Outreach Counseling at the Catholic Diocese. After several sessions, she decided to not only have the baby but keep it, as well. It was a very moving story.

As I left the Adoration Chapel to go home, the Lord began quietly talking to me,

"You can educate people about abortion, stem cell research and the other issues, Patricia.
You cannot educate a country out of war."

I no longer have a problem with how I will vote in November. Just thought I'd share this with my viewers and friends.

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