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Just One Package of Tape, Lord!

Like many people, I clip items from magazines or print things of interest from the Internet. Recently, I decided to go through this basket full of such items and thought I would put them in a 3-ring binder.

Some of the items were too small to 3-hole punch, so I needed to tape them on paper in order to get them in the binder. I had plenty of paper but soon ran out of scotch tape. I decided I would run to the local Dollar Tree, where I generally can buy a package of scotch tape with 8 rolls for only $1.

After driving the distance, I combed through all the shelves in the office/school supply area, but I couldn't find even one roll of tape. I prayed to God, "Please, Lord, I would like to finish clearing away these notes today. Please let me find just one package of scotch tape. I will be ever so grateful."

So, I went back through all the shelves and bins again. Finally, I found only one package of scotch tape. Now, of course, I was thinking of my 8-roll package. What I found was a 2-roll dispenser package. The moral of the story — be specific when asking God for anything!

I was so very grateful; however, though I ran out quite quickly again. I began going through everything at home and found several tape dispensers around the house I didn't know I had. I finished the project with a little tape left over. God is great!

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