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The Stationery

During the preparation for a spiritual workshop, I wanted to be able to write notes to the participants. Estimating there would be a maximum of 25 people possible attending, I began looking for some note paper, but couldn't find any that was exactly "right".

About a month later, I received a musical CD I had ordered from a religious web site. When I opened it, I realized the package holding the CD was too large. It was more the size of the DVD. I thought, "Oh, no. Either I inadvertently order the DVD rather than the CD, or they sent me the wrong thing."

I opened the package to find the CD I had correctly ordered and another wrapped package. I checked the packing slip before opening the second package. It noted a "special gift". So, I opened the second package.

There was the most beautiful note paper — cream in color, with a small white dove in the upper left-hand corner with a beautiful, but simple gold ring in its beak. It was perfect for the workshop — and guess what? There were exactly 25 envelopes and sheets of note paper!

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