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God's Purpose!

The Lord wanted me to write my spiritual journey into an ebook for this web site, which I did (click here). Then, He immediately asked me to make a video of it and put it on YouTube (see it here). Now, that threw me, since I had no idea how to go about making a video.

It took me about a month to finally get it completed. Going through three different methods and different software, until I found one that worked for me. Then, realizing it was much too long, I had to settle on only one story to portray.

Throughout this time, I couldn't figure out what the purpose of the video was. The Lord had said that it would affect someone's faith; but with all the videos to wade through on YouTube (especially so much nudity and videos I'd never allow a child to see), I was wondering if anyone would even view it.

On my YouTube profile page, it suggested sending the video link to friends and family. I didn't at first, but I finally did about a week or so later. Everyone seemed to like it well enough, but it wasn't really changing anyone's life. Maybe I would never know it's impact.

About a month later, I got an email from my daughter-in-law. She said my son had never told her about my accident (which he couldn't; because I never told anyone about it until recently, when the Lord asked me to begin sharing my journey). Then, she said, "I wish I had that much faith like you."

I sent her an email, saying that everyone can have a strong faith in Jesus. They only need ask Him for it in prayer and continue praying each and every day. I gave her some other uplifting thoughts that I hoped would help her begin her own journey. She didn't respond to my email.

About a month later, my daughter (a very Christian young woman and about the same age as my daughter-in-law) called me. She said she got the strangest and most unexpected email from my daughter-in-law, asking if my daughter would help her build her faith in Christ. I was in tears. I now knew God's purpose.

You have to understand that my daughter-in-law was a Wiccan, a pagan faith that worships nature.

You might think this is the end of the story — but it isn't!

I was sharing this story with a very good friend and most spiritual woman right before going to Mass (Catholic church service). No one else was around, so we know it wasn't overheard.

During the homily (sermon), our priest began talking about how just a word or action on your part can affect someone else's entire spiritual life. Both my friend and I looked at each other shocked. He continued, almost telling my story but without the specifics. I knew that God was confirming that His purpose had been carried out.

Praise You, Lord!


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