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The Laundromat

A week after my mother joined Jesus in heaven and everyone had gone back to their homes, I realized I was out of clothes. Not having a dryer, I decided to take all my dirty clothes to the laundromat and just do it all there. It would give me a chance to relax — probably the first time since her funeral.

After the washing machines shut off and I began unloading the first machine into the basket, I heard God's voice say, "Don't forget the 4th machine." So, I put one of my laundry baskets on top of it, so I wouldn't forget it. I generally never have more than three loads of clothes. I put all the clothes into the dryers. Afterward, I folded them and went home.

The next day, I was going through my mother's bedroom closet and dresser — a chore that had to be done. Later in the day, God said to me, "Where is that sweatshirt jacket of your mother's that you planned to keep?"

That was a strange question, but I went to look for it and couldn't find it. Did someone take some of my clothes while at the laundromat? I had left to run a short errand. That was too bad. I really wanted to keep that jacket. I went back to work, a bit sad but determined to get through her things. It had to be done.

A short time later, God asked me about another piece of clothing — also, not in the house. Each time I would go back to work, He would remind me of another piece of clothing that was missing.

Finally, I got on the Internet and found the phone number for the laundromat and called. The woman said she had checked the machines the night before herself and nothing had been left. I believed her, because a great Christian family owns the laundromat. It's the nicest and least expensive one I've ever seen in the city, and they always have magazines and Bibles (even some in Spanish) on the many tables. I said to God, "My clothes must just be lost!" I went back to work.

God started in on me again about the clothes. Finally, I said, "Okay! As soon as St Vincent de Paul comes to pick up these things, I'll go over to the laundromat and check for myself." He left me to my work after that.

After the truck had left, I said a quick prayer, "Lord, I thank You for keeping my clothes safe and telling me they are at the laundromat." I figured He must know something that the woman and I didn't, so I would thank Him in advance.

I got to the laundromat and went to the first row. I had used the first four machines and began counting out loud and pointing to the machines — one, two, three, four ...

A guy was using the first two machines and looking at me a bit strangely, but began laughing, saying he's done the same thing, as I pulled out my load of clothes in the fourth washer — the washer God told me the day before not to forget! Not only were they all there, but they were still damp (as if I'd just washed them) and not mildewy at all. I put them in a dryer, purchased dryer sheets from the machine (giving the extra one to a gal with several washers going), and dried my clothes.

(Note: It turned out some of my favorite clothes were in that load.)

So, when it seems that something (or someone) is nudging you subconsciously, LISTEN!

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