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Take the Inhalers!

My mother joined Jesus in heaven at the first of September. The day she became ill, I called the paramedics, who rushed her to the hospital. Since I had to be able to get back home and needed to drive, I waited until they were in route to to the hospital before hurriedly locking up the house.

After quickly locking the front door (planning to go out another door), I rushed through the living room. As I passed where my mother kept her two inhalers for her asthma, God said, "Grab her inhalers!" Without even thinking about it, I grabbed them and threw them in my purse, grabbed my purse and car keys, and locked the door behind me.

In the Emergency Room, I thought about the inhalers. "That was stupid," I thought. "Hospitals never use your own medication. It's a medical control issue. I wonder why God said to take them?"

We were in the emergency room for over 8 hours with tests and such. Eventually, at 11 pm in the surgical wing, my two grown nieces and I were comforting my 90-year-old mother before she went into surgery. The anesthesiologist and surgical nurse were going over necessary steps they would take for her heart condition. Without any warning, the anesthesiologist turned to me and said, "You wouldn't by chance have her inhalers with you, would you? The hospital doesn't have Advair." The look on his face didn't look as if he expected a "Yes". I pulled out both inhalers. He was visibly shocked and relieved. He administered a double dose of both inhalers to help avoid fluid in her lungs and pneumonia after the surgery. She came through the surgery fine. I silently thanked the Lord!

(Note: She passed a few days later. Her heart just gave out.)

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