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God's Hello!

I found a saying some time ago that says, "There is no such thing as coincidence. It's just God's way of saying hello."

God has found some very unique ways of saying hello to me, usually at a time when I need to know He's present in my life.

One Sunday while at Mass and sitting in my usual spot near the outside aisle on the right side of the church, I was really feeling down and rather lost. Halfway through the Mass, a very strong ray of sun came radiating through the stained glass window. It was so strong, I immediately had to cover my eyes.

The woman, who was sitting between me and the window, had no reaction to the sun. After looking around me covertly, I realized that the sun ray was only falling upon me. I was shocked. At first I thought I was seeing things.

Then, it hit me — God was saying hello, letting me know He was there for me. Talk about getting my attention!

I quietly thanked Him for His loving care of me. As soon as I did, the sun ray disappeared. How awesome He is!

This beautiful and appropriate photo for my story was taken by Lucy Bee.

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