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Heavenly Alarm Clock

I meditate each morning, spending at least an hour in solitude with God. I have learned over the years of doing this to ask God to alert me when an hour has passed, rather than resetting my alarm clock each morning.

I've probably said this before, but anyone who thinks God doesn't have a sense of humor doesn't know Him very well and should spend time seeking Him. <smile>

God used to only use my youngest cat (I have two) to begin aggressively meowing until he got my attention at the end of the hour. Spooky would get as close to my head as possible (I sit up in my bed against pillows to meditate), and just meow in this most irritating tone. If I didn't respond soon, he would walk on me, which is even more irritating.

Over the past several months, God has been getting much more creative in letting me know when my hour is up. I've had my alarm clock to go off, when it wasn't set to that particular time. Several times, I've had my smoke alarm begin beeping, until I've been taken from my meditative bliss. (By the way, my batteries and the smoke alarm are fine.) Of course, my first reaction is, "What's wrong!" Then, I realize it's God and begin laughing aloud.

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