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Lord, Please Make It Work!

My home office is located in an addition that uses a portable heater, since no heat runs into this room. That means during the few odd days of winter, when it gets below 10 degrees (good ol' Iowa weather), it's too cold in the additional to work there.

I have a good desktop, but I prefer to work on my old laptop, which has limited hard drive space and the cd rom doesn't work. I use an external hard drive for storage, which I love anyway, and use an external CDrom play/writer.

In December, we had such a cold day that I had to move to my dining room table to work. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that a few months earlier the DSL tech, while troubleshooting a line problem, had moved my DSL line to only the hookup in the room addition. That meant that my modem wouldn't work in the dining room, and I had already setup my laptop and external hard drive there.

Not wanting to spend any more time in the cold room, other than to quickly plug the modem back in, I returned to the dining room, wondering what to do next. I remembered that my modem was set up for wireless, so I only needed to install the software on my laptop. I pulled out the CD and thought about how cold the room was where my external CDrom was. Though my internal CDrom hadn't worked in over a year, I put the CD in and prayed to God to please make it work. It not only ran, but I was able to install the software.

Each time one of these God stories happens to me, I am so in awe of God. It never ceases to amaze me! He is so awesome!

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