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Parable of the Talents
Matthew 25:14-30

I will allow you to read this parable from your own Bible, since the text for this parable is rather lengthy.

In a nutshell, the parable is about a master who gave his three servants talents (Roman coins) before leaving his property for a time. When he returned, two servants had invested the coins entrusted to them; but the third servant had buried the coin to keep it safe. He called the third servant a "good for nothing" and threw him out of his house.

Now, it's great that the two servants were able to increase the master's coins; but for many years, I thought it a bit unfair that the third, who had kept his coin safe for the master, was treated so harshly. After all, the first two could have lost the investment and had nothing for the master upon his return.

The moral of the parable, however, is this:

Christians are servants who are expected by Jesus (our master) to make full use of any gifts He has given us; so that His Kingdom may grow on earth. We must give an account of this administration to our Lord at Judgment Day.

Now, of course, the parable makes perfect sense. We, as Christians, should seek the gifts of the Spirit throughout our lives. They are revealed to us as they are needed, and we are mature enough in faith to use them appropriately. We should seek ways to use them for the growth of His Kingdom here on earth. Though 1 Corinthians 12 & 14 discuss the gifts of the Spirit, realize that St. Paul is indicating in chapter 12:4-6 that there are many spiritual gifts — not just the higher ones he discusses in these chapters.

Look at Your Own Life
Have you a talent for something but were never taught or never had to do anything to learn it? How can you use these gifts to the benefit of Christ's Kingdom on earth?

Let's say you've a natural singing voice that everyone admires. You were never taught. You just always knew how to use your voice and the notes in a song.

What could you do with this gift to build God's community? There's many possibilities — sing in the church choir, do solos at church functions, sing the "canter" during service (a Catholic-type function), join an ecumenical choir or group that puts on religious presentation across the city. These are just a few thoughts.

Be sure at Judgment Day,
the Lord Jesus will proudly look at you
for all the ways in which you used the spirituals gifts given you by the Holy Spirit and how much His Kingdom grew because of you!

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