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Good Deed Rewards
Matthew 6:1-4

Matthew 6:1:
"Be careful not to parade your good deeds before men to attract their notice;
by doing this you will lose all reward from your Father in heaven."

How often do you see buildings and event centers named after their donors? Or the wing of a hospital? A children's home?

Well, according to Matthew 6:2 ("...this is what the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets to win men's admiration. I tell you solemnly, they have had their rewards."), those who made these donations earned their rewards here on earth, rather than in heaven.

Can't you just see these people walking up to St Peter at the gates of heaven, him asking why they believe he should give them entry, and finding out that all these deeds has done nothing for them?

Now, these same people could have easily made the same donations, requesting they be named something else that would give no hint as to whom made the donations. They would still have helped thousands if not millions of people and earned a heavenly reward or gratitude from God the Father right here on earth.

So, whenever you do a good deed, whether giving of alms or doing a good action, keep it to yourself. These little good deeds build in your favor with God, who obviously appreciates them more when done for him — rather than for admiration from men.

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