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Prayer for Terrorism to Cease

During the cold war between the U.S. and Russia, I remember once reading an article about how Russian mothers wanted peace for their children's sake, just as mothers in the U.S. wanted peace. Islam is a faith of peace. Many times, what the terrorist leaders are spouting about "The Quran says this, and the Quran says that" isn't even in the Quran. Many have never read it. If they had, they would know that it puts forth peace. It also states that anyone who takes an innocent life will be forever condemned to hell. True Muslims are a righteous, peaceful and faith-focused people. Let us help the true believers in Islam, as well as ourselves, by praying this prayer.

I beseech you, Lord God, to unveil the truth of all those who wish to destroy all religions of the world but their own. Show to their followers that they do this, not for You, God, but for their own possession of power through hatred. Let their followers find the true path to You by reading Your words rather than listening to the words of men.

I pray for terrorism to cease throughout the world, letting peace reign. I pray the people of Islam, especially the rulers, leaders, Imans and Ayatollahs, rise up in peaceful protest of what terrorists are attributing to Islam and show the world that Islam is peace, emulating their prophet Muhammad, who respected other religious beliefs during his lifetime, especially Christianity.

I pray that western governments stop covertly interfering with those in the East, respect the sovereignty of other nations, and resolve conflicts and disagreements through the United Nations.

I pray that the Muslim youth stop joining the terrorists and find happiness in life, which all youth so richly deserve. I pray that all peoples on this Earth experience, recognize and appreciate Your love, Lord God.


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