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I believe in the power of prayer, especially when many people pray the same prayer at the same time. I believe prayer can positively change the world in which we live — changing hatred and violence into caring and peace; and the people of the world need peace now more than ever. The hatred and violence are out of control and getting worse each day!

There's violence between nations — It's in our cities — It's in our neighborhoods — It's even in our homes!

Please pray this prayer daily for peace everywhere!

Most awesome Lord:

In these troubled times, we give thanks for all individuals reciting this prayer and their courage for choosing peace over hatred and violence. We pray that they feel Your peace each minute of every day and make choices that enable peace in their lives and in the world.

We give thanks for the courage of each person in this world, especially our leaders, to recognize the difference between the anger in their minds, the wisdom of their hearts, and the courage to act wisely in their choices. May each person and every leader have the strength to act for the good of all people, in all nations, and our collective future as a global family.

Through this prayer, we claim that peace and human life are strong and enduring. We breathe life into world peace from the dust of hatred and violence. For peace in our lives, all over this earth, we give thanks.


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