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Wooden Cross


Several Inspirations from Others

World's largest cross:
This is truly beautiful. It is located in Texas next to a highway. The photos of the cross, as well as the bronze statues, are so inspiring.

Severn Suzuki who silenced the world for 7 minutes. When she was 9 she started the Environmental Children's Organization (ECO), a small group of children committed to learning and teaching other kids about environmental issues. They were successful in many projects before 1992, when they raised enough money to go to the UN's Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Their aim was to remind the decision-makers of who their actions or inactions would ultimately affect. The goal was reached when 12 yr old Severn closed a Plenary Session with a powerful speech. Every adult across the world, especially those who are political and business leaders, should be required to hear this speech.

The Miraculous Staircase of Loretta Chapel:

This chapel site gives the history of the staircase:

A video of the chapel and staircase:

Great photos of the chapel and staircase, just click the right arrow above the photo:

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