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The Third Knock

�In the beginning there was God,
Alone and all knowing.
He had an enormous love
But no one to share it.
He created our world,
And upon it placed man and woman.
He fed them, and kept them,
And treated them well.
He asked only one thing,
To obey only one law.
But serpent tempted Eve,
Who in turn tempted Adam.
The deed they had done
Caused the human race to fall
From grace with one Master,
Who loved more than all.
God then sent a Messiah

To heal the great gap
That had separated us from
His loving eyes and that
This Messiah, named Jesus,
Was greater than man,
Was more loving and kind,
And talked of a kingdom
Where everything was right
And nothing was evil.
�This kingdom�, He said,
�Is not of this world.
It cannot be bought
By trade of a coin,
But rather by trading
Your sins in this day
In return for forgiveness
And salvation always.�

�Man did not believe Him
And killed Him instead.
Again, we rejected
God's love that was given.
But the man they called Jesus
Was not dead.
He lived and still does
In heaven instead.
So great is His love
As His Father's, you see,
That He makes intercession
For you and for me.
  And oh, by the way,
It is not ended here.
For God still loves us enough
To always be near.
The Holy Spirit dwells close
And only waits
To be accepted by Christians,
To practice their faith,
And His manifestations and utilize, too,
The fruits of the Spirit
Given to me and to you.
So, if you hear a knocking,
Please answer your door.
If you don't, you may miss
His glory once more.
And, if you be a Christian
And the Spirit dwells within,
Strengthen daily your commitment
With His word and walk with Him,
So that righteousness may conquer
The world and all its might.
And praise be to God, during all days
And all nights.� Amen.

by Patricia Hawke
Copyright 1979, Patricia Hawke

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