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Incredible Links

As with any other active Christian with an email inbox, I get a lot of inspirational items sent to me. I only pass on to friends those items that are truly inspirational, regardless of the threat at the end if I don't pass it on. <smile>

I thought I would include on this page the URL links that are truly inspirational and uplifting:

  1. This is truly the ultimate father's love (NOTE: this father has a heart condition):

  2.  We all know the Garden of Eden story, where everything is peace and harmony (except for the snake). This video (to me) is how I would envision Eden, as well as heaven:

  3. There's no way to prepare you for this fantastic video, except to say that it is in English (so don't let the Oriental script on the web page throw you):

  4. This is a wonderful reminders to American Christians to not be silent. Please note that this was sent to me. I do not know the creator, the singers, or if I'm violating any copyrights. If I am, I pray you will forgive me: Click Here.

  5. At this web site:, they have compressed our world down to 100 people. It's very interesting and definitely inspires tolerance. Scroll down to mid-page.

  6. Love Most of us have checked videos from this very popular web site. I have my short video there. One thing I don't like, however, is all the trash and video with nudity or drugs and such. In order to find videos you'd like to see, you have to wade through the trash. Now, you can find those interesting and inspirational videos without all the trash. Try You'll love it!

  7. One last video for Americans who remember the principle on which this country was founded and which many in the U.S. has forgotten or choose to ignore:

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