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Bible Study — Online Weekly

How can you know God without knowing His Word?

Next to prayer, Bible study is the best way to know God and grow your relationship with Him. He has given us His words for many centuries, and they are all in one best-selling book of all time — the Bible.

Each week at Mass for Catholics, we are given three Bible readings (called the Liturgy) — the first is from the Old Testament, except during the Easter Season when the Book of Acts is used for the first reading; the second reading is from a New Testament Epistle (one of the letters); and the third is from one of the Gospels.

Faith - Make It Real Bible studies take the three readings, along with commentaries, and discuss what they mean, how they are related to each other, and how they affect us today. There is never a "stupid" question. All questions are honored as important — we are at all different levels of Bible knowledge. All questions are welcome and can be emailed to us at: MIR Staff. We'll do our best to give you an accepted theological answer with a source reference.

Online Bible Studies
Each week, you can access and print the Bible study (in pdf format below) to use for a personal Bible study. You may also form your own weekly Bible study group and use our studies for your discussion.

Studies use Catholic approved commentaries and sources to explain what the readings mean. The commentaries used are from one or more of the following:

  • Reference notes found in both The Jerusalem (research) Bible and the Revised New American Bible

  • St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Picayune, MS, web site's Bible study commentary, found at

  • The Navarre Bible Commentary

  • The Haydock Bible Commentary

The Scripture is taken from the Revised New American Bible.

Don't have a Bible for home study? Here are two online Catholic Bibles (also, our online Bible studies have the readings printed next to the commentary):

Additional historical information. We add such information when appropriate and time permits to help put the Scripture readings into perspective.

Studies for 2012

Studies for 2011


To look at the studies, you will need an Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
if you need to download and install the Reader plug-in for your browser.

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