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Troubleshooting Prayer Problems

It doesn't matter how religious you are, how close your relationship to God, or how much of a prayer warrior you may be. WE ALL have problems with prayer at one time or another. We cannot focus on the words we wish to say to Jesus, even if they are written down. We feel distant and cannot feel His presence with us during prayer. It may even feel as if we're talking to a wall, and no one is listening. These feelings are, in truth, guidance we are receiving from God; and usually means one of three things:

  1. We are off focus — our everyday focus, the primary thing that encumbers most of our thoughts, is on the wrong thing ... the wrong path.

Example: My goal is to help others grow their relationships with God; however, I have a media services business that requires quite a bit of my time, as well — otherwise, I can't pay my bills or the other nuisance things, like eating. Sometimes, I put more focus on my business than my life's goal, which takes me off my spiritual path. This is being off focus.

Solution: Work to get back on focus.

  1. We are too emotional. We are upset about something, and the emotions are interfering with our relationship with God.

Solution: Whatever is making you emotional, turn it over to God. Let go and let God! Ask the Lord to take the situation and give you guidance or resolve the problem — even if the situation is a positive thing, if it's making you so emotional that you're having problems praying, it's a problem. Let God handle it for you.

  1. We're trying to control. We all have problems in this area. Even when we know to include God in our lives and allow Him to guide us and bring about results, we and our egos have a tendency to "take over" without realizing it. And generally, when we do, it doesn't go as smoothly.

Solution: The same as in #2 above.

So, the next time you're having problem concentrating during prayer or feel as if you're disconnected from God, ask yourself if you're doing any of the above three. It's always one of them!


by Patricia Hawke
Copyright 2008, Patricia Hawke


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