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It's the Little Steps!

As with many things in our lives, God, prayer, church, reading Scripture, and just about anything else connected to spiritual growth take a backseat to other things in our lives. The most common excuse now is, "I just don't have enough time!" or "There's not enough hours in the day!"

It's funny that we have all these electronic gadgets in our lives that were created to make our lives easier and to give us more leisure time. Instead, we crowd more and more of the physical world into our lives, leaving out the most important person — God!

Before all the gadgets, when the pioneers in the new America lived, everyone in a family spent the entire day working for survival. Their days began at or before sunrise and finished way after sunset. Relaxation was a woman knitting or sewing needed clothes while rocking the baby crib with her foot. Fathers cleaned their guns or whittled a much needed new spoon for stirring the pot over the fire for their wives. Children relaxed by practicing their schoolwork, or the girls learned to knit/sew next to their mothers while the boys learned to whittle or clean guns next to their fathers. Their every waking minute was focused on survival — and yet, they found time for God!

We, on the other hand, just can't seem to find any extra time — and our survival isn't dependent upon everything we do each day. A little less television, a little less Internet and computers, a little less video games, and I'm sure we'd find a lot more time in our days.

But if you just can't, remember that it's the little things that count. A hello to God here. A thank You, Jesus, there. Read one scripture verse before going to bed each night or upon waking each morning with an "I love You, God" to follow it up.

These are little steps — little steps that will nurture your desire for a closer relationship with God. They are the beginning.

You don't have to dive into an all-out attack of seeking God. Just take the first little steps. Get your feet wet a bit and see how it makes you feel. Perhaps, you'll find a bit more time to increase that great and peaceful feeling after all.


by Patricia Hawke
Copyright 2008, Patricia Hawke

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