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When You Pray ... Be Specific!

I remember at hearing about the death of Princess Diana, I immediately called my daughter in Florida to tell her. I received the expected gasp, astonishment and words of dismay from her, but then she said something that has never left me.

She quietly said, "Well, I guess she got what she wanted."

"What in the world are you talking about?" I asked her in surprise.

"Well," responded my daughter, "she said after her divorce that she always wanted to be the people's princess. And if she had married Dodi Al Fayed, the people would have most likely turned against her or just forgotten her. At the very least, they wouldn't consider her their princess any more. You have to be careful what you ask for in this life!"

After we hung up the phone, I seriously thought about my very wise daughter's comments. She had publicly made that statement. And, though Dodi Al Fayed seemed to be a good person and well liked, her marriage to him would have raised all types of negative press stories — if for no other reason than just because he wasn't a peer of the realm and she was the mother of their future king. She most probably would have lost her status as the people's princess.

Since then, I have tried to be very careful on how I phrase petitions and intercessions in my prayers; but I now realize it isn't just pray requests He answers.

For instance, for years I wanted my own business. I didn't pray for it, but it was my focus and almost constant thought pattern. I probably didn't really want my own business, since I'm not a risk taker. I did wish to stop working for corporations; however, because of how most began treating their employees about 10 years ago — downsizing to improve the bottom line, doubling the work of those who remained, abusive managers, paying less salaries and benefits, etc while upper management were taking home six-figure salaries. Well, the Lord decided to answer my not-prayed-for request. I was thrown into a situation where I couldn't work outside the home, and I had to develop my own Internet business almost overnight. I wouldn't have minded if I had been prepared for it, but I guess God got tired of hearing my thoughts on the subject and me not doing anything about it. It's still a struggling situation, but God is right here with me each and everyday. Of course, He has to be — I made Him my CEO. (That'll teach Him!)

Seriously, listen to the words you use when you pray. Listen to the words you are using over and over on a daily basis, especially about yourself.

What you pay attention to is what God will give you —
but not necessarily how you expect it!
Diana is still the people's princess!

Learn to be more specific ... think and clarify those thoughts!

by Patricia Hawke
Copyright 2008, Patricia Hawke

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