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Our Global Purpose

Today, you can go to any bookstore and find a dozen or more books on finding your purpose in life — both spiritual and secular books will expound on how you can do this, just pay your money and you'll find the answer. The problem is that most readers of these books come away disappointed or seeing the so-called "answer" as a concept (something that would be nice) or a fuzzy thing that doesn't look attainable, though they assure you it is.

There is one main or global purpose for all of us in this life,
and that's a certainty.

  1. Our first certainty is that we have good and evil in this world. All you have to do is look around you or watch a news broadcast to know that we live in a world of duality. Our world has good, and it has evil ... both at varying degrees. Up until this world ends, it will be that way. Why? Because you cannot experience and appreciate good, unless you have experienced its opposite. How can you know what joy feels like, if you haven't experienced sadness? How can you experience love without having experienced (either personally or through even a news cast) hate? It would be difficult to appreciate the good God gives us without its opposite. Without the varying degrees of bad (evil), we would be apathetic about the good. There would be little to no appreciation for it or for God, who provides it.

  2. The second certainty is that we have a choice. We have free will, given to us by God. With that free will, we can choose which path to take in this life — we can be bad or we can be good ... again, both at varying degrees.

  3. The third certainty is that God is all good. I don't believe I need to even expound on this certainty further.

Knowing these three certainties, our purpose is easy to conclude. Obviously, you only have to read a few verses from the Bible to conclude that God wants us to be "good". It's also easy to conclude that Jesus showed us by example that we need to help others to be "good", as well, just as His Apostles did.

The global purpose of every human being is to tip the scales toward good in this world. We each must strive to put more good in this world than evil, more joy and happiness than sadness, and more love than hate.

We do that by spreading God's good through the words we choose to use every minute of every day, by our actions and deeds, and by our influence on others, especially our youth. We tip the scales in one direction or another each and every day. I believe that's something to think about, don't you?

by Patricia Hawke
Copyright 2008, Patricia Hawke

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