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A Christmas Message from
Our Lord, Jesus

Christmas Is Upon Us

There is such darkness in this world, though I donít speak of a physical darkness. Itís the darkness that inhabits my peopleís hearts. At one time, most of them believed in Yahweh with all their hearts and souls. Then, even though prophets were sent, many of the people, little by little and generation after generation, fell away from God the Father, either not believing in any god or, worse yet, believing in the idols of the pagans. How Yahweh must have wept for His children.

He continued to give His chosen people signs and prophets, but most ignored Him. And the darkness began to replace the light in their hearts. Itís like filling a vase full with golden olive oil that captures and holds the light. In order to add anything to the vase, you must first pour out some of the golden oil that captures the light.

If you then fill the empty area in the vase with a briny black liquid, youíll see two things: (1) the two substances do not mix, and (2) the dark liquid floats fingers of black darkness down through the golden light to the bottom of the vase, taking up spaces throughout the vase. Every place the darkness fills, it shuts out the golden light.

My peopleís hearts are like this vase of oil and black brine. As they turned from God, they replaced His golden light with black darkness in their hearts, giving over to sin and evil.

This dismayed Yahweh. Nothing He did seemed to have much effect upon the whole of His people. Each generation brought more darkness. How was this chosen people ever going to lead the other peoples of this world to salvation, when they couldnít even lead themselves.

Then, a light came into the world, blanketing its brightness throughout, healing and changing peopleís hearts. The light was so brilliant that for a time the darkness was overshadowed by the golden light. It was my birth. I am the Christ, the Chosen One, the prophesized Messiah.

My loving Father had given me an overwhelming task to do. Even as I lay in the manger, I had no doubts that I could and would accomplish all that God the Father had set before me. He is always with me, and I trusted that He would give me the knowledge and the courage to do it all ó even the dying, for my heart was full of His golden light. There was no room in it for darkness.

Centuries have passed, since I became one of my people. Sitting at the right-hand of my Father, I have watched as my people have grown outside the boundaries of the first chosen few. Today, they number in the billions across the world, and many do wonderful things for the poor and downtrodden. These faithful continue to spread my words to those who donít know me. I see the golden light of Godís love almost filling the hearts of these many.

Others, though, who profess to be my followers, still have much too much darkness in their hearts. They havenít ventured far beyond that first profession of faith. They pray only during church services, while the darkness in their hearts rules the remainder of their thoughts and time. This allows the darkness to grow further. It will eventually take over their hearts.

I truly hope these and others who do not profess will rid their hearts soon of this darkness and replace it with the golden light of Godís love. The Father is getting impatient. Heíll be sending me back some day. I would like these people saved before that happens. After my second coming, it will be too late!

During this month of celebrations,
donít think about or celebrate my birth.

Instead, I wish you to give yourself and everyone around you the ultimate gift of Godís love.

ē  Examine your heart.

ē  Where there is darkness, ask for Godís forgiveness ó go to reconciliation, thatís what I came and died for, to give you forgiveness and a chance for eternal life.

ē  Rid your heart of the darkness, and before it has a chance to return ó get down on your knees each day and beg God the Father to replace any remaining darkness and empty space with His golden light. Never stop asking Him.

ē  Put His love into action by getting involved ó grow your faith and help others every chance you get.

Then, and only then, will you have a reason to celebrate.
Then, and only then, will you give the Father above a reason to smile for His chosen people.


Written by Jesus
(during an Adoration hour)
I only took down His words.
Copyright 2008, Patricia Hawke

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