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For the Love of a Child

“Hi, Michael,” said Jesus to the child in heaven. “Why the long face? Didn’t you like the family I gave you?”

“Lord, “ said the child, “They didn’t like me.”

“Tell me what happened,” urged Jesus.

“Well,” began the child, “I first felt myself come to life at that first moment of conception. My mommy didn’t even know I existed yet, all snuggled inside her. I developed quite fast. It only took 18 days before I could open my mouth, and two more for my heart to begin beating all by itself. In seven more days, my legs and arms took shape. It wasn’t long before I was gently moving them and giggling, though I knew mommy couldn’t feel or hear me yet.

“It was about 46 days after my life began,” the child told Jesus happily, “that the doctor told my mommy about me. I was so happy. Now, she knew. Now, she would give me a name and plan for my birth. Lord, I just knew we’d have such a wonderful life together! I was already growing so quickly. My hair was growing. I was almost able to see. I was so healthy with all my fingers and toes.”

The child gave a deep sigh; sadness filled his tiny face.

“Tell me all of it, Michael.” the Lord gently prodded.

“Mommy went back to that doctor,” continued the child. “The doctor inserted a tube with really sharp edges into mommy, almost touching me. He then hooked it to a machine and turned it on. Lord, the suction was so strong it tore my little body into tiny pieces! It hurt so bad and I screamed when it started, but mommy and the doctor ignored me. The pieces of my tiny body were sucked into a bottle and the doctor threw me in the trash. I was only 10 weeks old. Mommy didn’t even know me yet, hadn’t given me a name. What did I do wrong, Lord?”

“Nothing, Michael,” as He picked up the tiny child and cradled him in His arms, giving him all the love and care that his lifetime and mother should have given him. He stroked the tiny baby’s velvety soft brown hair and lulled him into slumber. “I’ll love you, Michael, for you are beautiful in my sight, as are all the unborns who are rejected.”

What have you done this week to stem the tide of abortions?

Written by Jesus
(during an Adoration hour)
I only took down His words.
Copyright 2008, Patricia Hawke

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