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Your Best Friend

We’ve all had “best friends” at some point in our lives — that one person with whom you enjoy sharing a lot of time, someone to whom you can tell just about anything. Even when you cannot do things together, you stay in touch by telephone, email, text messages, or even by mail if one of you moves away.

Of all these forms of communications, talking by telephone with your best friend is the most enjoyable. You just cannot replace the comfortable feeling and enjoyment you feel from the sound of laughter and friendship with this other person.

Your relationship with God is just like this. During the Old Testament years, only a few people could connect directly to God and they were usually prophets. It’s doubtful the average person at that time considered God his/her best friend, but Jesus changed all of that. Through Him and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we have what the Old Testament people did not — a direct telephone line to God. It’s called prayer.

Though we have other connections to God in our lives, such as the communion and religious services, prayer is still that telephone line of connection that gives us direct contact with God. But even more reliable than a cell phone, our prayer connection to God goes with us anywhere and at anytime — no dropped connections! It can be a formal recitation of prayers or a quick hello during our busy day.

For me, God is my best friend — always has been. As such, I talk to Him off and on throughout each and every day. Usually, I talk out loud to Him, a habit I developed many years ago and one which gets me in trouble. Many times, I forget my environment and find someone giving me an odd look in Walmart. I have learned to just smile and chuckle to myself, knowing God has a great sense of humor. Once the individual has left, I resume my talk with my “best friend”.

Prayer comes in many forms, but the result is always the same — you are connecting with God, and He connects back with you by answering your prayers, even if the answer may be “No.” Prayer that connects is a privilege we have been given by Christ, a privilege that strengthens our faith each time we use it and helps make life a little easier.

Have you talked to your “best friend” today?


by Patricia Hawke
Copyright 2008, Patricia Hawke

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